Essay On Nursing Home Abuse

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Essay On Nursing Home Abuse

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Nursing home abuse

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There are so many topics to choose from I never had issues finding what I needed. Informed consent is defined as the patient's choice to have a treatment or procedure which is based on their full understanding of the treatment or procedure, its benefits, its risks, and any alternatives to the particular treatment or procedure. All clients have the legal right to autonomy and self-determination to accept or reject all treatments and interventions. The three basic types of consent are implicit consent, explicit consent and opt-out consent, as previously detailed with Client Rights.

Informed consent can only be obtained from an adult patient who is mentally competent to do so except under some circumstances and situations. When consent, for any reason including the lack of majority, mental incompetence, and unconsciousness, cannot be obtained, other people can provide legal consent for the patient. These people include the parent or legal guardian of a minor and unemancipated minor child, a legally appointed representative for a developmentally disabled adult, for example, an emancipated minor, and the person who has been appointed as the client's durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions or their health care surrogate or proxy. In other situations, the courts have guardianship and the right to give informed consent for a client who is not able to consent on their own.

As more fully discussed and described with the " Integrated Process of Teaching and Learning ", clients must be given oral and written educational material and content at the level with which the client can understand this education. At times, written material in the client's spoken, the native language is beneficial for patients and significant others and, at other times, the assistance and services of a professional translator may be indicated. In his essay The Concept of Discourse Community, John Swales describes them as groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals. Swales also includes a set of six characteristics that assists the individual in being able to identify a discourse community.

Those six characteristics include: common […]. A discourse community is a group of people who share a set of discourses, understood as basic values and assumptions, and ways of communicating about those goals. There are a very specific set of characteristics […]. Essay examples. Essay topics. Several Different Communities There are several different communities all around the world.

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